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Transforming TVET with 3D Gaming Technology for Interactive Learning

Welcome to the new Labtech Academy. Labtech is one of the largest technical education (TVET) providers in the world established since 1990. This online learning site features a new generation of advanced interactive and graphic rich content for technical and vocational education subjects.

It is meant to be used by individual learners that may be already taking courses at their local institutions. It can also be used for reskilling for a new job or even if you are just curious and want to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Teachers can also use this site to supplement their existing learning materials for their students.


What our users are saying ...

" Your Covid-19 Automotive course was very helpful and informative. Surely, it will help me in my job as an insurance underwriter. In addition, I am proud to have finished it with a good overall grade of 89%. "

Supplementary learning program

Our content is meant to be used as supplementary learning that complements a wide range of existing curriculums which are typically offered by many learning institutions around the world. Upon request by relevant Institutions we can map our content to your curriculum.

Interactive animations and simulations

Our acclaimed interactive animations and simulations visually show how things work and their interrelationships. Our content uses physics based advanced gaming technology.

Advanced delivery

The Labtech LMS content delivery system tracks individual students’ progress as they are guided through technology rich curriculum, which enhances 21st Century Skill competency, in addition to ensuring students meet the required learning outcomes of the course.

Self-paced learning

Our courses are designed for learning at your own pace. All the information, Theory, animations and exercises are included. So you can learn as fast as you like or take your time with the lessons. In the end, it is the understanding that is achieved and not the time that is important.

Visual excellence

Topics feature photo realistic illustrations of objects in high detail using advanced digital rendering. Pages are embedded with photos and illustrations that show the items discussed.

Formative and summative assessments and reviews

Our assessments are part of the learning process. We use our formative assessments to find out what a student does not know and guide him to achieve a more thorough understanding. Controlled by the learner progress can be reviewed at any time.

Supports 'Blended learning'

This program supports blended learning and flips the classroom by enabling students to explore theory and technology applications out of the classroom. This enables students to do their preparation activities off campus and are better prepared to concentrate on the hands-on learning when at the school lab, workshop or workplace.

"How-to" videos

Selected topics will have instructional videos on how to do tasks or activities in the workshop or at home (if facilities and tools are available).

MICRO Courses
MINI Courses
Full Courses

Digital Content Topics

Learning Elements
  1. Background Theory
  2. Component Identification and Descriptions
  3. Assembly and Disassembly
  4. Component Animations
  5. Operational Animations
  6. Assessments : Reference Assessment, Component Identification Assessment, and Assembly Assessment.

Ready when you are


Since the Labtech LMS is web-based and accessible through multiple devices, it supports the latest learning models such as ‘flipping the classroom’ and ‘anytime anywhere’ learning.

This value-add enables institutions to create the most valuable learning opportunities possible and to maximize student capacity for independent learning

Making technology visible through knowledge engineering

... Labtech's mission


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