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Auto Demonstrations Courses: This course contains example topics from across the range of Topic offerings in each course. It provides the users with typical examples of the range of learning materials contained in each of the Labtech TVET Automotive Programs.

Basic Engine Fundamentals: This course covers the fundamentals of engine construction and operation of both Two (2) & Four (4) stroke Internal combustion engines (both petrol and diesel types) along with an in depth look at their Lubrication and Cooling systems.

Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems: This course takes an in depth look at the various electrical and electronic components and systems that are used in modern vehicles. It covers Electrical circuits, and vehicle safety systems like SRS, Lighting and Wiper systems, in addition to Ignition systems, Starting and Charging systems and Components.

Petrol Fuel Systems: This course covers all essential elements of a petrol fuel delivery system including both mechanical and electronic systems and components.

Diesel Fuel Systems: This course looks at the various systems and components that are used in the fuel injections systems in modern Compression Ignition (CI) engines.

Engine Management Systems: This course looks at the various elements of Spark ignition (SI) Engine Management systems and components and includes such things as Idle Speed and Exhaust and Emission Control.

Manual Transmissions: This course primarily looks at types of Vehicle Clutches, their activation systems and also provides an in depth look at Manual Transmissions, their construction and operation.

Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles: This course examines types of Automatic Transmissions and transaxles from both a theoretical and practical perspective. It deals with both conventional and CVT types in shows the differences between the two types.

Wheel Drive Systems: This course examines the different drive arrangements used in modern vehicles and provides an in depth look at the components that are used to provide these various configurations.

Propeller Shafts and Differential Gear: This course examines the types of drive mechanisms utilized in vehicles and the means utilized to transfer the drive from the vehicle transmission to the road wheels.

Brake Systems: This course looks at the various systems and components utilized in modern vehicles. It examines components and different types of brakes including Anti-Lock Braking Systems and Traction and Stability Control and in addition the course also looks at Commercial Vehicle Air Brake Systems.

Steering and Suspension Systems: This course looks at types of steering and suspension installations utilised in Modern Vehicles. It deals with Steering Geometry, both Manual and Power Assisted Steering Systems and the types of Suspension Systems use to facilitate the vehicle steering to be accommodated.

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems (Automotive): This course looks at typical installations of systems in automotive use today. It deals with all of the relative components and their operating relationship with each other. It looks at the different types of refrigerant gases that used to be used and the approved evacuation procedures to the capture of such materials and the refrigerants in current use and their recycling methods.

Hybrid Vehicles: This course looks at the different drive types of Hybrid vehicles that are available and their applicability in modern Road transportation. It then provides an in depth examination of the most popular application in use today and then looks at each of the system components in turn.

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